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Russia/China ♥


:star:Welcome to RoChu Squad DeviantArt Branch!:star:

This is a club for fans of the pairing Russia x China (x Russia) or Ivan Braginski x Yao Wang (x Ivan Braginski) from the anime & manga series Axis Powers Hetalia.

If you're a fellow fan, please feel free to join!

:pointr:Simple Guidelines:
:bulletred:Please be aware deviantART's rules of copyright infringement are extended to this group.

:bulletred:Put mature works under proper warnings/filters.

:bulletred:No flaming or disrespectful comments! We can't control what you say in your own deviations, but please refrain from attacking other fans/fandoms here on the main page.

:bulletred:RussiaxChina, ChinaxRussia, and just China or Russia related works are allowed. (Please do not submit anything that focuses on another pairing) :)
:star: SUBMISSION RULES :star:
Read the rules and save yourself a note from the mods!

:pointr:Suggestions and Affiliates
:bulletyellow:If you want to suggest or ask anything, please don't hesitate to note the group. We'll try and help as much as we can.
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If we organize a RoChu Secret Santa, will you participate? 

85 deviants said Yes, I would love to!
16 deviants said Not interested
Okay everybody!(especially RoChu fans), things for the new RoChu game are going swell!~ ^J^  I would like to thank all of the comments and support I got on my journal on The RoChu-Squad. I never knew I'd actually get help! Even the group founder commented on one of my journal!, and she's one of my favorite RoChu idol! :happybounce: :squee: . So far ,I got someone to help with the title image(and maybe a name too…Sweating a little... ). I still need to figure out which programs to use. And since I have Spring Break for a whole week at the end of the month, if y'all free then, maybe we can start on planning and stuff.

Okay, Now here's the deal-leo!
Here are some requirement for the game:
·RPG Programs! (What will we will use for the game, and how to get it. The names will be put up soon or or RPG Maker xp)
· Artist! (Face set,background,etc. I'm debating over digital or MMD)
·Helpers! (Self-explanatory)
·Anything else? That's all I got……

Comment below if you have any ideas to help. Plot will stay the same. Help and encouragement is greatly appreciated!~ :3  

Also, this journal is also on my account, also comment on there so I can know and answer your comments.


P.s: I just finished watching Maid-Sama! with my big sis* yesterday! And I love it! New Misaki X Usui fan here!
*Also, it was my big sister's birthday on Wednesday. It would be nice if you all wish her a (late)happy birthday! :31st Emoticon: Happy Birthday Birthday cake  icon
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FantomuTenshiEiyu Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
[ I'm alive! I do not know if i'm still a moderator but, if so I am delighted. My fiancee and I are going to be do some Rochu cosplays soon and hope to upload here. ]
xblkdragonx Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2015
Yup, I haven't changed the mods at all! So you're still a mod c:
FantomuTenshiEiyu Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
[ really!? Awesome that makes me super happy.
Vanya1221 Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2014
PsychopathGod1984 Featured By Owner Oct 13, 2014
Russia and China will run the world soon... Excellent ship!  
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