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:star:Welcome to RoChu Squad DeviantArt Branch!:star:

This is a club for fans of the pairing Russia x China (x Russia) or Ivan Braginski x Yao Wang (x Ivan Braginski) from the anime & manga series Axis Powers Hetalia.

If you're a fellow fan, please feel free to join!

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Cooking & Space Contest Winners!

Journal Entry: Fri Mar 7, 2014, 8:35 PM

Thank you to everyone that entered the contest and to those that voted! Sorry for the delay, but here are the winners!

:star:First Place
Zero-G by knoire

:star:Second Place
Stargazers (contest entry) by TearsOfWolf IWAAAAAN BRAGINSKIIIII!!! (contest entry) by TearsOfWolf

:star:Third Place:
When China Cooks... : Russia x China by Zamarazula Kiss in a surreal space: China x Russia by Zamarazula

:star:First Place
La Grande Prince (Russia x China)
Let me tell you about my life.
         I am a prince who lives here in this planet. It is always snowing and cold in this place I call my home: the Soviet Union. Nothing had grown in this land, except for a gloomy volcano that I clean on a daily basis, and some baobab spouts I often pull uproot lest it would bring my small, insignificant planet to destruction.

No, I am not lonely here.

I would whisper to myself.
I am alone, but not lonely.
         I proved that lie correct when miraculously, a single, beautiful flower grew on the Soviet Union. Golden petals, Green leaves, Midnight black hair and Amber-colored eyes.
         He was a Sunflower.
         And he was my very first companion.
         Starting from that day, with Yao around, the Soviet Union became a brighter, warmer place to live in. Both of us shared the

:star:Second Place:
The Little Alien who came to Earth to Find ItIvan yawned, resting his elbows on the railing of his apartment’s balcony. It was late; he should have been heading for bed, but the night was so perfect: clear, some what dark. He could almost see the stars in the sky.
“Hu?” He blinked. It looked like one of the stars was moving, but not in the fashion of a helicopter or plane with their small blinking lights and constant speed. This star was a falling-star, streaming across the sky with a tail aglow in bright colors.
“If you see a shooting-star, you should make a wish on it quickly,” Ivan’s older sister had told him.
But what to wish for? He wasn’t failing any of his classes, most of the people there were nice—or fun enemies. Yes, his school life was going splendidly. Ivan glanced back at his lonely apartment. It was against the rules to keep pets, and no one wanted to room with him.
It was a very pitiful and lonely existence.
So, yes, wishing for that would be a gr

:star:Third Place:
Chocolate Kiss-RochuChocolate Kiss
    The sweet aroma of chocolates floated through the air, gathering hazily in the lazy afternoon sun. China hummed his national anthem to himself as he stirred a massive silver pot of bubbling dark brown liquid. Today was not a special day, but China was in an especially good mood after retiring early from the stress of work. He smiled as he pulled out the round yolk colored half-baked cake from the oven. Of course it wasn’t cooked yet since the middle is still the light yellow batter it’s made from. Though the outside of the cake had already hardened into a thin crust so he could proceed with the next step. Back then he would also make this cake for his siblings, how Korea used to throw a fit, complaining about making a half-baked cake, when it was actually not finished yet.
    China slowly scooped up a ladle of the dark liquid from the pot and gently in an almost graceful motion, poured it over the slowly solidifyin

Congrats to all the winners and again, thank you to everyone that entered the contest! There will be another contest soon where the prizes will be China and Russia's newest character CDs! Bwhahaha by xblkdragonx So keep your eyes peeled!

To the winners and prize donators- I will contact you all individually, but like past contest, first place winners get first dibs, then second place get next, and so on so forth. Prize donators will be contacted when winners choose their prize.

:star: P R I Z E  P O O L

xblkdragonx: A short R18 RoChu doujinshi by Haigo
Luna-Veil: A coloured chibi request (Up to two characters)
CarmenciaThe10th: A lineart depicting whatever the winner wants. ( background included, 6 characters maximum.)
sjham61: 40 points
KamikoS78: illustrations from her fanbook in original size, unwatermarked and with a little congrats word and signature on it for the winner
IAmTheBlackbird 100 points
HanaUsagi-chan:drawing to the winner (up to 3 characters for full-body or 5 characters for chibi's; colored & shaded)
BabyFaceCrossbones:draw anything that the winners want.
Hornet394: one-shot fic of anything the winner likes, except for Reader-insert.
Waveripple:Short comic
Sneakta:any aph pair (coloured), or two pairs uncoloured. Any ratings
KeitorinDESU:A cute drawing of a mutual Hetalia pairing (pairings can be found on my page)

 :heart: ROCHU :heart: 
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GiusyRevenge Mar 19, 2014  Student Filmographer
hi!!! how have you been? (sorry for disturbing with this question ^.^" But I love to see all my RoChu brothers in here! I've been inactive for a while but I'll back in action soon! ;))
GiusyRevenge Feb 18, 2014  Student Filmographer
hi! how have you been? hope you're all ok!
Hey! Is it too late to submit my fanfic? 
May I ask for what? If it's for the contest, then yes. The deadline was January 31st. Right now we're currently voting for the submissions so even if I wanted to let you enter, it's already too late ^^;
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